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Uncover Magical Finds with Inbebo Must-Have Gifts for 2023

 Must-Have Gifts for 2023 - Inbebo

It's a new year, and it's time to start planning for those special moments with your loved ones. 2023 is the year for making memories, so why not make them extra special with some of our carefully curated gifts from Inbebo? We've got everything you need to make this year's celebrations unforgettable – what will be your must-have item of the year?

We got your back! Our team of curators, with hobbies and passions just like you, have pulled together their favorite items of the year. Our team is excited to share with each of you that the top gift selection for 2023 is none other than our amazing products!  

Folks in our team scoured our inventory to nominate their favorite Inbebo gifts of 2023 with hopes that these excellent gift ideas inspire you. Even the pickiest of your friends and family will be excited with these gifts. Please enjoy our INBEBO Shopping Guide!  

Whether you're looking for something unique and creative, or something practical and useful, your Inbebo team has some brilliant gift ideas to make your holiday extra special.  

Like little winter elves (working around the clock just for you), we've got something for everyone on your shopping list. Check out our tips on How to Buy Anyone Gifts They Actually Love! 

Our North-Pole Guaranteed Nice-List Gifts: 

  1. The Calzone - Plastic Free Foldable Plate 
  2. Geli Buddy - Eco-friendly Lint Remover 
  3. ArtStand – Foldable Laptop Stand and Riser 
  4. MoonSpeaker - Mood Light & Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 
  5. ACTTO - Wireless Android & iPad Keyboard 
  6. STAND-IT - Portable Mini Phone & Tablet Stand 
  7. STICK IT - Silicone Potholder + Trivet 
  8. The Illu - Cat Brush 
  9. Znie - LED Sleep Therapy Lamp 
  10. ALASKA CUBE – Refreshing Cooling Soap 
  11. Tiktaalik Alu - Portable Bluetooth Smart Speaker & Wireless Charger 
If you're looking for a unique personalized gift to put a pep in your step, curators Sam, Brian, and Steph recommend our plastic-free foldable plate and storage pouch, the Calzone, our eco-friendly lint remover, Geli Buddy, and out portable laptop stand, ArtStand 

The Calzone – Plastic-Free Foldable Plate 

Calzone Foldable Pouch

An award-winning foldable plate and storage pouch made of platinum-grade silicone, the Calzone is dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. It is the perfect gift for travelers, fashionistas, and meal planners.  

Calzones are a great surprise gift for anyone who likes to be surprised (duh). It is a unique and innovative item that is sure spice up your nightly dinners. It can store all your food, make-up, and skin care products, making it a great gift for beauty gurus, kitchen-gadget lovers, and hikers. 

I started meal-planning recently and the calzone pouches help make this process easier and enjoyable. The starter pack has all 3 sizes, so I have everything I need to prepare and save my food for the next day. Since I only eat 2 meals a day and a snack, this starter pack works perfectly for me. --  Sam 

Geli Buddy - Eco-friendly Lint Remover  

Geli Buddy Eco friendly Lint Remover

The Geli Buddy is a revolutionary lint and pet hair remover made from surgical-grade silicone that makes it easy to keep your clothes and furniture lint-free.  It can be used up to 30,000 times and is the ideal alternative to traditional lint rollers. Not only does it prevent waste, but it can be used on a variety of materials and surfaces such as clothing, furniture, and automobiles.  

The Geli Buddy is the best gift choice for pet lovers and anyone looking for a reliable and eco-friendly way to keep their clothes and furniture lint-free! Incredibly easy to use and clean, Geli Buddy is perfect for quickly removing per hair before guests arrive for your holiday party.  

It just works better than traditional lint rollers and it is easier to use (I can't stand trying to find the peel on the tape rollers).   AND - it lasts at least 30,000 uses.  It is super sustainable and practical.  What's not to love? -- Brian 

ArtStand – Foldable Laptop Stand and Riser 

Foldable laptop stand and riser

ArtStand is the most chic, easy-on-the-eye portable laptop stand made entirely of durable, 100% recycled paper. It is exceptionally lightweight at under one pound, yet it can hold up to 15 pounds. No matter what kind of laptop you have, ArtStand can support it! Just fold it up to take it with you anywhere you need to go. 

The accordion design allows for better laptop ventilation. As an added bonus, the box holds your phone so you can kiss laying your phone on the table goodbye! Original artwork is featured on each stand with 30% of profits shared with the artist and the community. This eco-friendly laptop stand is a stylish and sustainable way to elevate your work and life. 

ARTSTAND, Beautiful! I love how easy it is to fold up and put away as I live in a small space for my work-from-home setup and wouldn’t want another big, clumsy piece. I’m impressed at how sturdy it is! It's so surprising when you take it out of the box! It was a really fun experience, so I gifted one to my mom too! Both of ours are holding up 6 months later! -- Steph  

For the tech-savvy, we've got some of the latest and greatest gadgets on the market. Whether your loved ones are into video gaming, smart home appliances, or just the latest gadget, we've got gifts they'll love. Maeve, Mathew, and Abolaji had this to say.  

MoonSpeaker - Mood Light & Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

moonspeaker wireless speaker and lamp

A unique and stylish product that combines the convenience of a Bluetooth speaker with the calming ambience of a mood lamp, MoonSpeaker creates a relaxing, energizing feel in your home by using LED lights. It’s an all-in-one package! While playing music from your phone, it instills a beautiful atmosphere by changing the brightness of the room to match your mood.  

MoonSpeaker has an awesome feature called Noise Isolator Technology and possesses a down-firing woofer system. This means the sound is crystal-clear! Music lovers and audiophiles in your life will love this speaker. It also makes a wonderful gift for a friend or family member who doesn’t want to compromise design for high-quality sound. 

I think this product creates an awesome vibe with it functioning as both a mood lamp and a Bluetooth speaker. The handle makes it super easy to carry it wherever you want to bring it!  It fits into home decor better than other speakers out there, so I think it's a worthy investment as both a high-quality speaker and a beautiful accent piece for the home. --  Maeve 

ACTTO - Wireless Android & iPad Keyboard  

ACTTO retro modern wireless keyboard gift

The ACTTO keyboard perfectly blends modern technology and retro charm. Ideal for any writer, it is designed to look like a typewriter while being compatible with a variety of devices. Writers no longer have to sacrifice the typewriting aesthetic for their average laptop. Instead, the Bluetooth feature connects to any phone or tablet to balance nostalgia with modernism.  

Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it is also exceptionally functional because it is lightweight, portable, and affordable. It brightens up any desk or table! The ACTTO keyboard is the perfect way for writers to stay connected to the traditional craft of writing in the modern era. 

So aesthetic and functional. It works exactly as you'd expect and feels good to use. I leave the keyboard on a desk in the living room and have gotten so many compliments about it. My friends love picking it up and tapping on it even without a device connected because it is so satisfying -- Matt 

STAND-IT - Portable Mini Phone & Tablet Stand 

Stand-It portable, foldable phone and device stand for travel

Stand-It is a lightweight and compact phone holder that fits easily into your pocket or bag. Take it with you when watching your favorite show on the train or when you’re on the 90th minute of your 30-minute lunch break at work. The adjustable holder functions as a stand for tablets and phones no matter their size! Plop it on any surface and its aluminum base will ensure you can use your device hands-free. 

I think it should be called pretty little thing - If I have to watch my news and docuseries on mobile at home or at work, this device comes in handy. I simply pull it out of my pocket and set it up on my table or floor and place my device on it. It is perfect for both mobile phones and tablets. This is a really good gift I think anyone would appreciate. So, rather than buying some regular birthday presents, this is my new go-to birthday gift and I have found that people appreciate it.... Abolaji  

Looking for something more fun and entertaining? Nick and Iris share some of their favorite product recommendations. 

STICK IT - Silicone Potholder + Trivet 

Pot holder and trivet

Stick-It is an innovative trivet and potholder. Its superior-quality, food-safe silicone provides a splash of color to your kitchen while being easy to use and safe to touch. Your pots won’t be going anywhere fast with Stick-It! It can handle temperatures up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit and when you’re done, just chuck it in the dishwasher. The Stick-IT works best on flat and smooth surfaces, keeping your kitchen looking neat and tidy. Whip up delicious holiday meals without ruining your countertops! 

I love to cook but live in a small apartment.  This multi-functional item is the perfect solution. It can work as a trivet and a potholder, and what's even better, is that when I am not using it, I can just stick it to my backsplash to free up drawer space for other items -- Nick 

The Illu - Cat Brush  

Cat Grooming Brush

Designed to mimic the touch and feel of a cat's tongue, the Illu brush is a universal cat favorite! 

The Illu sports a compact design, allowing it to stay close to your cat. With anti-static bristles that make a soothing sound, brushing is made with your cat’s experience in mind. Perfect for bonding time 

The Illu comes with a stand for sleek storage and display, making it a great addition to any home and makes grooming easier than ever. 

My friend has a cat that is constantly in desperate need for a good combing. The only problem is that anytime we try to brush her fur, she runs away! I gave my friend this cat brush and everything changed. Now the cat looks forward to her grooming sessions and you would be amazed at how much fur the Illu Brush collects. This brush is a must-have gift for your furry feline friends! It also shakes and make cat-loving sounds... Iris  

Finally, for the homebody, we've got a selection of cozy items that are perfect for snuggling up on a cold winter night. From therapeutic LED sleep lamps to soothing warm/cold shower nights, snuggle and cozy up with great product selections from Abhishek, Sherman, and Matthew.

 Znie - LED Sleep Therapy Lamp  

Znie sleep therapy lamp for home

Like a night-time genie providing your sleepy time Zzzzzs, the Znie is the light therapy lamp you didn’t know you were missing. Get a good night’s sleep, every night! 

For daytime use, this device can also help you stay focused at your desk. With both a work and focus mode, the multifunctional light creates a calming atmosphere. The wide range of adjustable settings creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room. Vibe check? Cozy! 

Znie includes four pre-set modes: Sleep, Color Therapy, Healing, and Desk, giving you the control to customize the light to your optimal level for an ambient glow. 

For lights that remember (so you don’t have to!), the Znie has a timer, so set it aside and it will turn off for you! 

Try out the Znie for better sleep, meditation, reading, studying, or just relaxing in a soothing environment. Znie is the perfect gift to promote better sleep for that loved on in your life that is over-worked and under-slept. They’ll thank you for it! 

Znie Therapy Lamp is a must have. Since my purchase, I have used the Znie in my workspace almost daily. It’s a therapy lamp and that’s exactly what it does. Every day, whether I'm meditating, trying to concentrate, reading, or even working, I use it. The nicest feature is the variety of possibilities for ambient lighting, bringing out the beauty of the surrounding area... Abhishek  

ALASKA CUBE – Refreshing Cooling Soap 

Alaska Cube's invigorating body wash is designed to refresh and cool the body after a stressful day, workout or outdoor adventure. Enriched with Menthol, Alaska Cube provides a clean and cool sensation to the skin. This specialty soap contains natural ingredients including eucalyptus, mandarin, and bergamot botanical. Without silicon, parabens, or sulfates, it is specifically crafted for your skin needs.  

This refreshing formula leaves skin hydrated, making it perfect for everyday use no matter the time of year. It’s long-lasting, refreshing scent and icy menthol make for a revitalizing shower experience. 

Rough like the brisk Alaska climate, the Alaska Cube can be situated in any restroom as an active ambient scent when not in use. Like any soap bar, a bit of water foams up the effect of this product, bringing a lasting cool feel that even I can't tell summer from winter. Seasons changed? It's cold out? Alaska Cube makes you feel cool, not cold, and it's a nice feeling for all seasons. It's like tires you never have to change -- Sherman  

Tiktaalik Alu - Portable Bluetooth Smart Speaker & Wireless Charger 

The Tiktaalik Alu is an all-in-one tech product that offers a variety of functions. You’ve got a wireless charger, a speaker, and a microphone! Listeners are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product for a price you can’t beat. 

This genius product saves listeners money with its multi-functionality. It’s truly a great gift for anyone who likes to be on the cutting edge of innovative technology.

All-in-one tech product. It can be a wireless charger and a speaker and a microphone! The more I use it, the more I am amazed at its performance. A gift item anyone will fall in love with. With Tiktaalik, you don't have to buy another speaker or microphone, saving you additional money you can put to good use elsewhere! -- Matthew  

So, don't wait any longer! Head over to the Inbebo store to uncover magical finds this season. You can be sure to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

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