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INBEBO: The Best Unique Gift Guide Featuring Calzone

Calzone - Best Unique Ecofriendly Sustainable Uncommon Gifts for Him and for Her

Best Unique Gifts for Any Occasion: Inbebo Guide To Winning at Gifting

How many of us have accepted an invitation to gatherings where a gift was needed? Yes, we are excited to celebrate, but the thought of buying the host or hostess the perfect gift can be stressful. 

Inbebo curation expert Iris shares the struggle, “I’m easily going to a baby shower, a family birthday, or a wedding almost every weekend. I feel like I used to endlessly scroll trying to find the best gift that would give my friend a unique experience—not just a run-of-the-mill item” 

She continues, “The endless scrolling through reviews to find long-lasting gift items that are befitting was so taxing”. 

It is for reasons like this, that we built Inbebo. Taking from the Korean tradition of gift-giving as an art; our team of expert curators only select products we would actually buy or give to our family and friends. Think of us as your in-house testers. If we don’t like it, we won’t sell it. We’re not afraid to say no—you shouldn’t be either. Stop scroll and start loving what you buy.  

The Calzone, Eco-friendly foldable plate

The Ultimate Gift Guide: 
Our curators Iris and Nick have selected some of their heavy-rotation picks. Unlike other giftshops, we opt for uncommon goods that give us a sense of wow! Because gift-giving is an experience best shared. 

A Gift of "Calzone" - Ultimate Foldable Plate and Storage Pouch. 
Gift best for: Eco-Friendly Friends, Kitchen-Gadget Lovers, & Hikers! 
Unfold Possibilities! Go beyond plastic-free and gift the award-winning foldable plate and storage pouch. Calzone is earth’s best-kept secret.  
Calzone, named after the yummy foldable pizza dish, is endlessly reusable and made of 100% platinum silicone--a superior quality heat-resistant surgical grade silicone. Making this eco-friendly product a must-have item for eco-friendly kitchen swaps.  

“The wow factor for me is the fact I can run it in my dishwasher. Unlike other reusable pouches where you have to wash it by hand and awkwardly dry it, the Calzone is so simple. I just unsnap the lock and pop it in the dishwasher. Easy.” – Verified Customer Cheryl S. 

Iris shares, “When thinking about what makes a truly memorable gift—is something that is super unique my friend has never seen before and even better—a gift that saves my time, money, or gives me no headache. We all have a million things to do—a gift that decreases that to-do list by 1? Sign me up!” 
And we’re not the only ones saying it. Inbebo’s Calzone won the iF design competition in 2021and again in 2022. The Calzone was awarded not only for its unique build and patented technology but also for its multi-functional use.  

The Calzone is an all-around item and kitchen staple.  Moms can use it as a snack pouch for kiddos, Co-workers can pack a great lunch, and Spouses can use it as a fridge space saver! 

Given its platinum silicone material and easy-to-wash functionality, the Calzone is built to carry any number of items! The multipurpose Calzone - container by day, pouch by night, can be used to store food, lunch, make-up, and skin care products.

It could also serve as a sleek and secure pouch for your travel essentials. The BPA (Bisphenol A) free product which is present in most plastics unfolds completely and lays flat like a pizza allowing easy access to whatever you wish to store in it. 
TLDR: Skip Right to the Good Part! What makes the Calzone the perfect gift:  

  • Beautifully designed packaging. Vinyl records anyone? 
  • Super soft, but platinum-grade strong silicone.  
  • Multiple sizes! Fit all your snacks and treats. 
  • Dishwasher, freezer, and even stovetop safe! The Calzone can hang. 
  • Patented technology and award-winning design. Only available at Inbebo! 

Never caught gifting what someone else brought to the party! 
Okay, the list is endless, but we thought we’d keep it short. It is indeed why many people refer to it as the best multipurpose gift for men, women and non-binary folks out there. 

Not Convinced? Don’t take it from us—check out a quick list below of the top 10 uses for Calzone by gift-givers and gift-receivers already out there! Thanks, Inbebo Fam. 

#1. Gift for Travelers - No hype, the calzone is a traveler choice companion and boldly the best thing you can give to a traveler. Need to pack food for travel? The Calzone is the perfect food storage buddy for your next trip or picnic! Easily pack and stash snacks, utensils, fresh produce, and more in one simple container!  

Words from the Inbebo Fam: 

“I love to take my calzone with me on my camping trips. It is very lightweight and packs great in my backpack. I cook on my skillet over a flame and then use my calzone to eat off as a plate. If I don’t finish what I am eating I simply fold my calzone for later. On the last trip I did this and got back to my leftovers later that night in my tent. This neat product is perfect for someone like me that is always on the go and snacks constantly” 
See for yourself how users have used it for travel. 

#2 Unique Fashion and Makeup Gift- Think eco-friendly, green fashion and radically FUNK-tional bags 💎, the simple, elegant design of the Calzone is a good add to your fashion accessory and can be styled to complement your fashion looks; keeping your gear fresh with a splash of color 🌈. The product comes in three sizes and translucent colors Yellow, Orange and Green. It is Elegant & Chic and elevates your style. It can also house your makeup set making it the best gift for him or her whichever is the case.  
See our makeup kit gift idea 

#3 Best surprise gift for mom, dad, and snack-lovers - We can guarantee for certain that it is a unique surprise gift for mom (mothers), for dad, and indeed everyone; especially for those folks who care a lot about our planet. Whether you want to use it in the kitchen to store frozen produce, The Calzone is freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe! The reusable calzone unfolds flat for easy washing 💦 🧼 and storage. People have found the calzone as the Regular to-go container, very useful for snacking and collecting crumbs when binging on favorite series or movies. Some even use it as a replacement for Ziploc bag for the leftovers. "Pretty handy thing to have".  
See how Brian saves his orange peels and other food scraps in a Calzone to put in his composter after work. What a good guy! ♻️👍 


#4 Gift for Sports Lovers & Athletes – athletes face a high level of stress, it is why they must have proper nutrition. The Calzone is an athlete’s go-to pack to store and preserve such nutrition for maximum sporting performance. The small but all-powerful Calzone is able to contain all an Athletes Should Eat - best food athlete can eat before a competition. The product makes food-to-go comfortable, functional, and stylish, it is what makes it a most sought-after item for athletes. Check out how the Calzone set made a great gift with some new trucks and wheels!  Also, check out our perfect present for Bikers & Athletes – Pedal2Power.

#5 The perfect Eco-friendly Christmas Gift - the reusable, sustainable, and FSC Certified product is 1,000x better than ZIPLOC. Many manufacturers of personal care and food products are shifting towards green alternatives by reducing the overall material used for packaging. It is why the calzone bets all other packaging products hands down and is especially great for meals or snacks on the go! Fill or put in your food, take it to the park, and don’t waste any more plastic bags! Buyers have also used it for dog treats. 

#6 All-Around Innovative Gifts for Colleagues & Friends - The Calzone is an innovative item and probably the most loved innovative product as reviewed by users. Falls well within the category of unique gifts under $50. Meaning—yes you can get it on a budget! 

Best & Unique Gifts for All Ages - Whether you need lunch boxes for your 1-year-old or 13-year-old teenager, the Calzone makes the perfect gift for all ages. 1-Year-olds, 2-Year-olds, and more. 

Sabrina H describes the Calzone as the Best Back to School Gift Find for Lunches!  

“The sandwich bag is versatile. It’s easy to clean, easy to stash w goodies and run out the door, and easy to fill. I only use mine for food and not storage and something I’m sensitive to is lingering food smells like on Tupperware, but these do not seem to retain food smells, which is amazing. I own like 7 of them”. 

Snag the hyped Calzone now before stock runs out. opt for gift wrapping and notes if you need! Or check out other one-of-a-kind gift ideas and inspiration on our Inbebo Online Gift shop 
Our selection criteria: 
Inbebo is dedicated to a triple bottom line - planet, people, and profit. We think about the creators and the people who use their products in all our decisions. We select WOW gift products that meet high standards. Products are selected using several criteria – are they effective, do they enhance productivity, are they accessible, do they deliver value? This is all rooted in a dedication to sustainability practices and involves taking a broad – somewhat elastic - view of what makes a product ’sustainable’.

The curation team asks a series of interrelated questions. Does the product solve a problem? In other words – is it useful? Is it durable, is it made to last? Does it save energy, or support health and wellness? Does it help people? These elements, taken into consideration, make a product truly sustainable because it is useful and enduring. 
About Inbebo: 
We are a global online and unique store where people come together to find and buy unique and innovative items. Indeed, we dare say we are the best gift shop since the internet. Our talented team of gift curators hand-selects the best unique products right at the source; discovering and partnering with creative and talented humans across the globe. Our product curations range from products for the home, kitchen, office, and even pets! allowing shoppers to discover and find the next must-have products and gifts.Shop @

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