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Inbebo Gift Guide: Best for Pets

Lint & pet hair remover
What is Geli Buddy?


Geli Buddy is your go-to lint remover and cleaning companion. This innovative, breakthrough product eliminates lint and hair from clothing, pets and other household items, without a negative impact on the environment. It is the only product of its kind that can successfully remove heavy lint, stray hair and animal fur from garments up to 30,000 times. Geli Buddy is made from surgical-grade silicone, traps lint easily and is absolutely risk-free to use around your pets and other members of your family as well as on your household furniture.  The portable Geli Buddy lint remover is pliable, and it works well on delicate clothing without resulting in any damage. The lint remover is extremely effective on a wide variety of materials and surfaces ranging from the most delicate knits to the most difficult to clean carpets, upholstery, bedding, kitchen countertops, tile, and even the interiors of automobiles.   

Unlike generic lint removers, Geli Buddy is extremely easy to use on any surface or item, incredibly easy to clean, and is easily stored so you can put it away until the next time you need to use it. It can be used with lint shavers to remove shaved lint from cloths; this is possible due to its non-allergenic and non-toxic dirt-trapping surgical-grade silicone material made. Geli Buddy will lengthen the amount of time that your favorite home or fashion products remain pristine and in the same state as when they were first purchased. Geli Buddy is an essential part of any home because it cleans without generating waste and leaves no plastic to be thrown out, unlike traditional lint rollers. Simply brush the surface of your fabric or material with your Geli Buddy and rinse off. 

The Geli Buddy comes in not just one, but two convenient sizes to choose from. There is a large size that is perfect for use in the convenience of one's own home and there is a smaller, compact variant that is housed in an aluminum tin and is perfect for use when traveling.

Why you should own a Geli Buddy 

  • Care and pride in clothes free from lint 
  • Saving time to spend on activities you enjoy 
  • Say bye to running out to the store to refill an empty lint roller 
Lint & pet hair remover

Uses for Geli Buddy  


Because of its versatility, Geli Buddy can be put to use in a variety of settings, whether you are at home or if you are travelling. Because the Geli Buddy is enclosed in a convenient aluminum casing, this lint remover is highly portable. It can easily be carried around in a purse, a backpack, or any other carry-on item which makes it ideal for utilization both in and outside of the home or office.    

Geli Buddy has made it simple to address unsightly issues such as the presence of stray hairs and dirt on your favorite clothes. Geli Buddy is perfect for removing dandruff as well as hair from pets, which is one big reason why people love it so much. Once the Geli Buddy has been used, give it a quick rinse to reuse. The cleaning process only takes a few seconds, and the Geli Buddy is ready for use up to 30,000 times all without creating waste!     

Forget about using a standard lint roller; Geli Buddy is the best and most effective lint remover as it performs an amazing job of removing lint from your darkest black clothing and your brightest white clothing. Remove lint, hair and fur on the go and at your convenience. You’ll never have to worry again about your clothes getting dirty. This hand-held gadget is not only useful for picking up lint, but it is also functional in cleaning the interior of any vehicle or surface (furniture). With Geli Buddy, you’ll become a pro at removing dirt and other debris from the cabin of the vehicle and favorite furniture around the house. Also, you won’t have to waste time, water, and money for your clothes to be able to maintain their spotless appearance for years to come. 


Geli Buddy has everything you require in a single, space-saving, and transportable container, so you can stop looking for traditionally environmentally unfriendly lint rollers. Instead, pick Geli Buddy up! Since Geli Buddy does not involve the use of throwaway plastic sheets that don’t decompose, this lint remover does not contribute to the degradation of the environment or add to landfills. Geli Buddy is an excellent product that has a wide range of applications and can be applied virtually anywhere and at any time. The surgical-grade silicone can be washed and used for as many as 30,000 times ensuring reusability durability and longevity. By getting more uses out of it, you will be spending less time cleaning with plastic sheets from lint rollers that are thrown into landfills where they serve no use other than to take up space. Then you will be able to feel great while cleaning knowing you aren’t contributing to pollution.

Because Geli Buddy lint remover is so effective at picking up stray hairs and dirt, you won't need to worry about having to wash your clothing at the first indication of a stray hair or speck of dirt. By washing your clothes less frequently during the week, you can reduce the amount of water you use and reduce the damage to the environment without sacrificing the level of personal hygiene you maintain. This is a wonderful option for people who want one less thing to wind up as pollution in the world which is something that a growing number of people are becoming increasingly concerned about as a result of the impact that humans have on the environment. 


lint & pet hair remover


Unique Gift  

Do you need a fantastic gift to fill your special someone's holiday stocking this year? If you have anyone on your shopping list who has a soft spot in their heart for animal pals or could use a little help staying clean, Geli Buddy pet hair remover is a wonderful choice for a gift that you can give them. You can find both large and small sizes online at Particularly at this time of year, when so many different holidays are just around the corner, it is the perfect time to get that important person in your life a gift that they can utilize all through the course of the year. Geli Buddy lint remover is the ideal gift for everyone on your shopping list this year!  

Here’s a review of the Geli Buddy from a satisfied customer over on our shop page, “This product is amazing—I have a short haired dog whose fur weaves itself into everything. My vacuum works (usually) but my lint roller dies after one or two pass(es). Geli Buddy covers a lot more area before having to clean it and frankly just picks up better. WORTH EVERY PENNY.” If you’re looking to clean up that pesky pet hair, pick a Geli Buddy up today.

For more amazing gifts for friends and family this holiday season, be sure to check out the rest of the catalog. There, you can find amazing eco-friendly gifts ranging from household appliances to the coolest tech products. Gift shopping has never been easier with Inbebo!  

Both models are available for purchase on the shop.

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