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Znie Therapy Lamp

There is nothing quite like a wonderful night of restful sleep. But in this world of ours - hyperconnected and super busy - a good night’s sleep (even a power nap) can be elusive. This lamp is scientifically designed to calm you and deliver the restful sleep you need to stay on top of your game.
This is an LED lamp which can help you stay focused at your desk or give you a restful night of restorative sleep. The product has four modes: Sleep, Healing, Desk and Color Therapy. Desk mode is used to increase concentration and efficiency while the Color Therapy Mode may be used to relax and calm your body and mind. These modes can assist individuals with a variety of sleeping difficulties including insomnia, broken and irregular sleep, light sleeping and difficulty waking up. The lamp uses brainwave synchronization through scientific means rather than stimulation or artificial methods to help improve your quality of sleep. The LED light automatically turns off after a minute.
Multi-Functional: Lights Out provides four modes of light therapy that can help you throughout all stages of the day: Sleep Mode, Healing Mode, Desk Mode, and Color Therapy Mode.
Improved Sleep: Lights Out helps you fall asleep and wake you up with its changing light frequency used to boost
Meditate Peacefully: Lights Out uses the appropriate light frequency to give you the most calming meditative states.
No More Distractions: Lights Out activates the right frequency to help you concentrate throughout the day.
Tailored To You: The Znie App allows you to save color profiles that are easily accessible on the app for whatever mood you are in.
Travel Friendly: With a rechargeable battery, the LED Lamp can be taken on-the-go.
Multi-Compatible: Lights Out can be connected via Bluetooth to your mobile device and is available for both Android and iOS.
I am not a good sleeper…I can go to bed exhausted and lie down and my minds start to race.  While I do not like taking medication to sleep, there are times when I have found I need to.  I do not want to put medicine into my body unless it is completely necessary.  I worry about side effects; I worry about dosages and all of that.  Of course, worrying about this doesn’t help me sleep so it is kind of a vicious circle.   

Then – I found Lights Out.

I am open to new ideas and anything that works with my body in a natural and healthy way is what I am looking for.  I read up on the product literature and testing data.  I tried Lights Out and it works!  Now I rest easy knowing I don’t need meds and I sleep better with Lights Out!
The Znie app provides 4 pre-set modes: Sleep, Color Therapy, Healing and Desk that runs on a pre-designed timer. Sleep function also allows you to set a time to create the best environment for deep sleep.  If you would like to run the lamp beyond the timer or without the app, you can use the dial on the top of the lamp to adjust. 
  • Product Box Dimensions: 4.8*4.8*7.1inches
  • Product Box Weight: Less than 1kg
  • Product Dimensions: 3.8*3.8*6inches
  • Product Weight: 370g
  • Motion Lighting
  • Jog Control PCB
  • Lighting Diffuser
  • Lithium Battery
  • Low-frequency Antenna
  • Main PCB
  • User Guide
  • C-type Cable
  • Main Product

Znie Therapy Lamp


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