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Just Face It (Pack Of 20)

The KF94 provides the filtration you need with a good fit and is designed for ease of breathing. 

KF94 respiratory facemasks are great options for protection against dust, virus, and other airborne particles. They are made in South Korea under strict quality control measures. Featuring a 3-layer filter and a 3-stage folding 3D structure, each mask is individually packaged from the factory and is sealed until you open it. KF94 is also recommended by the CDC and provides exceptional protection, leaving less room for air gaps. They are light and fit gently on your face and ears, almost feeling like nothing at all.

The KF94 performs on par with the KN95 masks.  The “KF” designates that it is Korean-made filter and has been performance verified.  The KF94 has 1% lower filtration rate than the KN95 but outperforms it in key areas that make it stand out as a preferred choice. Its 3D structure makes it feel light & airy and won’t pull down on one’s ears.  Lastly, Korean masks are required to test for “CO2 clearance,” which prevents CO2 from building up inside the mask.  So, you can literally breathe easy.  The KF94 makes it easier to breathe and is rated “0.0” by the Korean Skin Research Center, making it less likely to irritate your skin. Get remarkable value and protection with our KF94 masks today!

  • Quality: Our KF 94s are all made in South Korean under strict quality control measures. 
  • Sterile: Each mask is individually packaged from the factory and is sealed until you open it.  The assembly line is under sterile conditions.    
  • DesignCustomizable fit for YOUR face.   
  • Light:  The mask is light and fits gently on one’s face and ears…it almost feels like nothing at all. 
  • Easy on your Skin:  Rated “0.0” by the Korean Skin Research Center. This means the mask is less likely to irritate your skin while wearing it. 
  • Function: 3-layer filter / 3- stage folding 3D structure that secures the middle space between the mask and the mouth to help prevent lens fogging and to make it easier to breathe.  It filters out at least 94 percent of particles of around 0.3 micrometers  in diameter. That level of filtration effectively catches the airborne particles that can spread COVID-19. 
  • Breathability:  Korean masks are required to test for “CO2 clearance” making it easier to breathe. 
I have been wearing two types of masks this past 24 months…handmade and KN95s.  The former does not really provide any protection and the KN95s just don’t feel right when I wear them.  I tried on a KF94 and my ears didn’t bug out.  So, as long as I need to wear a mask, I am going to wear one that filters well and fits great. 
  • Roughly 60% of KN95s are fakes that do not meet NIOSH standards, according to the CDC. 
  • Use the sleeve it comes in for holding it between uses – to keep it as clean as possible.  
  • 3 Layer Filter / 3D Box Design filters up to 94% of particles 
  • Sleeve Dimensions: 4 3/16 x 10 ¾ inches
  • 20 disposable masks

Just Face It (Pack Of 20)


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