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Illu Cat Brush

A cat-hair brush that will make your cat purr, leave them well-groomed, and create a wonderful bonding experience between you and your cat. 


Illu Brush is designed to mimic the touch and feel of the social grooming behaviors of your feline friend. The bristles are spaced to feel like your cat's tongue and the brush makes a soothing soft sound that accompanies the grooming movement. The brush is antistatic and comes with a stand that holds the brush for sleek storage. Your cat will LOVE this brush. 

  • Easy To Use: A compact design for staying close to your cat  
  • Intuitive Design: The product is designed by cat lovers with your cat’s experience in mind 
  • Bonding Experience: Enhances the connection between you and your feline friend  
  • Sleek Design: Comes with a small stand for display and storage of the brush 
Cat brushes are much like screwdrivers – they serve a specific, utilitarian purpose but many fail to innovate or inspire. The Illu Brush is different; not only does it have a sleek design that is specifically made with your cat in mind, but it comes with a stand to easily store the brush when not in use. The rattle also serves to attract your cat when it is time for brushing. Lastly, the minimalist design is a pleasure to look at and it is something that you can display proudly in your home.
Introduce the round end of the brush to your cat before starting to groom for the best experience as your cat must accept the brush as a friend first.
  • Colors: White or Black 
  • Brush Head: 1.93 in x 1.06 in 
  • Brush Handle: 6.43 in x .31 in 
  • Stand Dimensions: 1.97 on x 1.57 in 
  • Brush 
  • Brush holder 

Illu Cat Brush

Cat Hair Brush with Brush Holder
Cat Hair Brush with Brush Holder


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