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OLO Anti Fog Wipes for Glasses, Lenses and Goggles (use up to 300 times)

Who hasn’t had their eyeglasses fog up at a higher rate than normal this past year or so? Whether on the slopes or the metro (and especially if you're wearing a mask), we are all dealing with it. Now you don’t have to – thanks to OLO!

OLO is an anti-fog hydrophilic cloth which you can use on your glasses, goggles, face shields and more. OLO provides a protective coating film and protects against fog – one application can last up to ten hours.
No Fogging: Don’t let fog stop you. Wear your glasses & your mask. If you’re wearing sunglasses, you can still look cool while wearing a mask.
No Damage to Lenses: Use OLO, not wet wipes that are more likely to damage lenses. 
Less Waste: OLO will last for 300+ uses! 
No Exceptions: OLO works on ALL lenses (glass or plastic). 
No Rip-Off: Our price undercuts competitors with products that don’t even work on all lens surfaces.
Initially, we weren’t interested in this invention. Been there, done that, we had seen similar products. We haven’t been this wrong in a long time, but we weren’t wrong for long. We really got wowed! There is nothing out there that can match OLO! Yes, anti-fogging technology on “glass” surfaces have been out there for a while BUT, most eyeglasses are NOT made of glass! They are lenses made with thin layers of laminated plastic called CR-39. OLO works on ALL surfaces of eyeglass lenses. On top of that, the technology to apply the nano particles onto the cloth is something this invention (OLO) perfected. We are very proud of this invention. It certainly improves our lives!
When you apply OLO on your glasses, make sure your glasses are dry. Please also wipe both side of the lenses!  For the optimal OLO experience, we recommend cleaning the lens with a separate cloth before applying the OLO.
  • Unit Size: 15.0*16.0*1.0*cm
  • Wipe Cloth Size: 19cm*14cm
  • Pouch Size: 100m*80mm
  • Cloth
  • Pouch

OLO Anti Fog Wipes for Glasses, Lenses and Goggles (use up to 300 times)

Anti Fog Microfiber Lens Cloth
Anti Fog Microfiber Lens Cloth


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