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Magik Mokibo Keyboard

We spend a lot of time typing on keyboards, swiping our screens, and orchestrating our every hand motion with work or play. Now, you can be a maestro with this touchpad/keyboard that is designed to bring music to your fingers.
This keyboard is incredibly sleek and designed to reduce finger fatigue. The product can pair with up to 3 Bluetooth devices at a time, enabling you to use multiple devices. What really sets this apart though are the 80 sensors embedded in the keyboard, making it a touchpad as well. The intuitive touchpad is sensitive to a variety of normal touch motions including pinch, zoom and scrolling, making keyboard use 60% more efficient. It is adaptable to Windows, Android and Mac systems.
No Wasted Space: Mokibo combines both keyboard and mouse functions all into one unlike any other portable keyboard out there.
No Bulk:  Its lightweight, slim design is ideal for using the keyboard in small, tight spaces, going across town, or travelling around the globe.
Ergonomic: The pantograph keyboard’s key travel distance is 1.3 to 1.5mm enabling you the ability to type faster and effortlessly. It minimizes movement between keyboard and trackpad to move the cursor.
Fashionably Secure: Mokibo’s leather pouch not only protects your keyboard from spills or dust, but it also gives your product a professional look ready for any business meeting.
Touchpad X Keyboard’s product designer launched its crowdfunding campaign with some success in the US, Korean and Japanese market with its original prototype in 2019.  Our curator wants to bring the new and improved version to our platform to support innovative creators and lighten your load (since it is a 2-in-1 lightweight keyboard).
Every order comes with a complimentary pouch because we know our keyboard is valuable and we want you to keep it in its best condition for endless uses.  However, its durable pouch material requires a few uses to break in.  Don’t worry if it looks like it gets stuck in the beginning.  



  • Product Box Dimensions: 11.14*1*5.9 inches (Leather Pouch: 11.1*0.5*2.1 inches) 
  • Product Box Weight: ~500g (Leather Pouch: ~100g) 
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2*5.1*2.9 inches (Leather Pouch: 10.6*5.9*0.11 inches) 
  • Product Weight: 245g (Leather Pouch: ~70g)  
  • Operation System: Windows 8 or later: Support Keyboard and Multi point device (Gesture) 
  • Android 4.3 or later: Support Keyboard and Multi point device (Gesture) 
  • MacOS 9 or later: Support Keyboard and Multi point device (Gesture) 
  • iOS 13, iPad05 13 or later: Support Keyboard and Pointing Device  
  • Wireless platform: Bluetooth LE; 10-meter (33-ft) wireless range 
  • Bluetooth profile: Human Interface Device (HID). No software required.  
  • Battery: 590mAh Li-po, 3.7V, 2.2Wh/60 hours in use/5 months in standby mode 
  • Touchpad functions:
    • Finger: Mouse control, Left click, Tab and Slide 
    • Fingers: Scroll, Right Click, Pinch/Zoom 
    • Fingers: Special functions according to operation system (Example: multitasking gesture) 
    • Fingers: Special function according to operation system. (Example: action center) 
    • User Guide
    • Micro-USB Charge Cable
    • Main Product

    Magik Mokibo Keyboard

    Keyboard With Touchpad
    Keyboard With Touchpad
    Keyboard With Touchpad
    Keyboard With Touchpad


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