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How We’re Keeping Ourselves Healthy This Summer

How We’re Keeping Ourselves Healthy This Summer - Inbebo

Summer! A season of beach vacations, less trafficky roads, fun pool parties, and sweaty walks in the park. We get to enjoy outdoor seating at our favorite restaurants whilst fighting off a horde of mosquitoes and fruit flies. Many say it’s their favorite time of the year.

Yet, amongst all the excitement, we can forget to take care of our bodies. There’s this idea that winter is where we grind, and summer is where we let loose. Your body, however, doesn’t have a day off. It still needs to be treated well. Here’s some things we’re doing to maintain our health without missing out on summertime!

Summer Self-Care Tips from Inbebo:

  1. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen! Protecting your skin is a must in the summer heat. Remember, direct sunlight isn’t the only way you can get burned. Make sure you reapply at least every 2 hours and wait 15 or so minutes for sunscreen to absorb before going swimming.
  2. Find a movement activity you enjoy. You don’t have to love going to the gym. Maybe you like dancing or hiking. Maybe you prefer water activities or just a nice stroll around the block. Whatever it is, try to incorporate that movement regularly. Your mental health will thank you!
  3. Meal prep. Trying to cut down on spending? Want to incorporate more nutritious foods into your diet? Meal prep allows you to make food in advance and store it for later. Our calzone starter pack makes meal prepping easy and convenient!
  4. Take a little time for yourself each day. It could be in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night. Whenever is best for you! Whether it’s journaling, deep breathing, stretching, or meditating, having a moment with yourself is a great way to connect with your body and be present in the moment.
  5. Swap some screen time for some reading time. There’s nothing like putting your feet up by the pool or on the sand with a good book! Try reading a little before you go to bed or pick a chunk out of the day to put the phone down for a book. You can really feel the difference in your concentration and focusing abilities.
  6. Add at least one vegetable and one fruit every day. It might sound “duh now”, but the summer is full of low-fiber foods like pizza and fries. Your gut will love the daily dose of fiber, especially from vegetables like broccoli, spinach, pears, and plums.
  7. Sleep! Don’t sleep on the importance of sleep! Getting enough sleep each night is essential for our body’s functionality. Check out our light therapy lamp Znie if you’re looking to sleep better!
  8. Drink water. Also sort of “duh now”. But, higher temperatures mean more sweat which means faster dehydration. It’s further tempting to down lemonade and iced coffee all day. Try bringing a water bottle with you to work or while you're on-the-go so you remember to consistently drink it.
  9. Relax! Seriously, stress has so many detrimental effects. If you need to skip an event because you just want some down time, don’t feel bad for doing so. Make a list of your favorite ways to relax and have a fun self-care day (or days!).
  10. Treat yourself. Want ice cream on a hot day? Go for it! Have you saved up some extra cash for expensive athleisurewear? Good for you! As long as you’re eating some nutritious foods, being regularly active, staying hydrated, and being financially responsible, you’re allowed to enjoy your favorite things without shame. Even then, we won’t always be perfect. That’s a-okay. Just try your best have fun this summer!

There you have it. One way of being healthy doesn’t exist. These are just a few lifestyle and general tips that might help you take better care for your body and your mind. All it takes is one healthy habit at a time.

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