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Netflix Hit Series ‘Kingdom’ Video Game release by Action Studio and Netflix Games

Netflix Hit Series ‘Kingdom’ Video Game release by Action Studio and Netflix Games
The hit Netflix series that hails from the South Korean Kingdom will be turned into a video game. It will be called Kingdom: The Blood, a hack-and-slash action game set in 16th century Korea. 
The series is set three years after the end of the Imjin War in Jose, the predecessor to modern-day Korea. Crown Prince Lee Chang investigates the mysterious illness of the king, and he also must work his way around the advances of his political rivals who are after the throne.  
South Korean Game studio Action Square and Netflix Games together have revealed more details regarding Kingdom: The Blood, based on the Netflix series Kingdom. The game was first announced in September 2020, and later in August last year, Netflix revealed some more details on this title. 
The series is based on a zombie apocalypse that happened many centuries back specifically in the medieval period. The series gained significant popularity after its release. The game will launch for all the Netflix subscribers where Netflix Games is available. 
Netflix and Action Square have been putting significant efforts into covering the inside stories and elements of the South Korean series, Kingdom in their new action RPG. Sadly, no release dates are still not announced. 
The game will be developed by South Korean studio Action Square, which is also the one behind the shooter Anvil. Kingdom: The Blood ensures that they will be respectful of the Korean culture when making the game.  
With that, it will include the use of a professional Korean sword dancer for motion capture. It will also feature a Conquest Mode that will offer players a sequence of diverse five-minute battles and multi-boss battles, PvP combat, and a store mode that will follow the events of the Netflix series.  
Also based on the trailer, Kingdom: The Blood will put more focus on the zombies rather than the political side of things. It is planned to be released on both PC and mobile. 
Source: April Fowell, Action Square U.S Press Release (June 2022) 

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