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Metaverse McDonalds? SK launches virtual 'Food Safety Town Hall'

Metaverse McDonalds? SK launches virtual 'Food Safety Town Hall' - Inbebo

McDonald's Korea has reflected on the importance of food safety, especially hygiene and quality control with a modern twist. A total of 2,100 staff including head office employees participated in a town hall-- in the Metaverse.

McDonald's Korea promises to strengthen food safety and hygiene compliance by holding a 'Food Safety Town Hall' using the Metaverse platform. McDonald's runs a 'Food Safety Town Hall' every year on 'Food Safety Day.

The theme of this year’s McDonald's Food Safety Town Hall is 'Food safety is always with you,’ and reaffirms that food safety is a basic principle of the company. McDonald's plans to deliver information on food safety in a more intuitive and fun way through the Metaverse platform. Ideally, connecting new customers or franchise owners with this critical information on their terms. 

All executives and employees enter a McDonald's store-themed virtual space and look around the various spaces, each with its own thematic or concept: personal hygiene, maintenance and cleaning of facilities and equipment, supplier food safety, food storage, cooking procedures, temperature management, and enforcement measures. They watch educational content on a variety of safety topics, and the company plans to raise employees' awareness of food safety and conduct detailed reviews of the overall process through interviews with the store team with excellent management and food safety stories of Bimbo QSR, a McDonald's partner. 

A McDonald's Korea official said, "The reason why this year's Food Safety Town Hall is special is because employees can directly experience, communicate, and learn on Metaverse." We will continue to create a McDonald's that is safe and enjoyable to use." 

Source: Su-yeon Moon from BizFact Korea

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