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Korea – a Global Testing Ground for Innovation

Korea – a Global Testing Ground for Innovation

"Korean consumers have a high demand for new technologies and have a keen eye for recognizing new technologies. For this reason, we are pursuing a strategy to introduce new technologies in the Korean market first." 

dyson store in thailand

John Churchill (pictured), vice president of Dyson's wireless vacuum cleaner division at Dyson's UK headquarters, said this in an interview with Financial News on the 2nd. In charge of the entire product line for cordless vacuum cleaners, he is in charge of directing and supervising the entire development process from the concept design stage of the product to the mass production stage. 

The interview with him, who mainly resides in the UK and Malaysia, where Dyson's design and development centers are located, was conducted through online connections with Singapore and Korea. 

When asked what the Korean market meant to Dyson, Vice President John Churchill asserted that it was "attractive". He said, "I think Dyson was able to pursue new innovations because there were Korean consumers." He said, "Korean consumers were particularly interested in removing fine dust from the floor and raised a lot of problems, but Dyson came to develop a solution for it." he explained. 

In fact, Dyson conducted a related study with Seoul National University to study fine dust in the house and to understand the characteristics of Korean households. As a result, phthalates were detected in all households participating in the experiment. Some phthalates interfere with the endocrine hormonal system, which can have detrimental effects on both humans and animals. 

He said, "As time spent at home due to COVID-19 has been longer, it has become an opportunity to pay more attention to the home environment and to feel the importance of a healthy life. The idea that substances that cause respiratory diseases or allergies should be removed from mattresses and curtains has become a trend.” 

In the case of the V15 Detect and V12 Detect Slim, cordless vacuum cleaners released by Dyson in May last year, they provided a scientific basis for their powerful cleaning performance with technology to detect, remove and measure dust. The cleaner head is equipped with a laser that detects invisible dust, and compares and visualizes the size of fine dust. In addition, the size and amount of dust particles are compared and displayed on the LCD screen attached to the vacuum cleaner in real time, and the suction power is automatically adjusted according to the amount of dust. 

New cordless vacuum cleaners to be released in the future are also expected to focus on fine dust removal and deep clean functions. He said, "The important thing is to inhale and remove all invisible dust, and to let you know that the cleaning is complete," he said. It is the will of Dyson to show even harmful substances that were invisible to the naked eye, and to convince them that they have been removed. 

Vice President John Churchill joined Dyson as an engineer in 2001 after graduating from a bachelor's degree in industrial design. 

Dyson has a high proportion of his research workforce, with more than a third of its workforce being engineers. 

"Dyson is basically a research and development (R&D) company," he emphasized. He continued, “It is also the philosophy of James Dyson that new technologically innovative products are possible only with the analytical power of engineers. That's a very good reason," he added. 

Source: Jeong Sang-hee from Busan Financial News

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