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Kkebi's investment is 'tiktok' for Gen Z Marketing

Kkebi's investment is 'tiktok' for Gen Z Marketing - Inbebo

It is now the era of 'sub-character' (sub-character) marketing. 'Bukkae' is an abbreviation for sub-character and 'wealthy character'. It is a new play culture for the MZ generation and an indispensable cultural code for the MZ generation. Recently, 'Bukkae' is being reborn as a powerful marketing tool for companies to create a new image beyond the cultural code. 

Why are companies paying attention to 'buccaneer marketing'? Generation MZ reveals themselves in consumption and ponders how to obtain secondary identity. This is because they believe that the choice does not end with just consumption, but as a way to express one's thoughts and tastes. They want to be characters with more potential. I am immersed in games, animations, and metaverses that allow me to transform myself more freely, and I try not to define myself in a more diverse form. So these days, companies try to read why MZs pay attention to 'buccaneer' and what they want to achieve through it. 

In general, advertisements for securities companies talk about 'belief in investment' and 'professionalism for investment returns' by well-dressed financiers with a building forest in the background. However, the investment subject has recently changed significantly, and the MZ generation has become an indispensable core player in investment. 

KB Securities is a large securities company and has a similar image to other securities companies in size, reliability, and expertise. In addition, the image of a large financial company representing Korea in all financial fields such as banking and insurance is the same. In order to catch future customers and sharpen their edge in competitiveness, KB Securities reached out to the MZ generation and found a way for new changes in 'Bukkae'. 

'KB' is a brand that already has a clear image to customers, but furthermore, in order to be recognized by the MZ generation as a company for them, 'KB' boldly created a new character with the word 'Kaebi' instead of 'KB'. In addition, under the slogan of 'investment quickly!', KB Securities promised that KB Securities would easily and conveniently solve the problem for the MZ generation who are just starting to invest or have difficulty in investing. 

The 'Launch Edition', announcing Kaebi Securities, introduces Akdong Musician (Akmu), who has his own distinct color and values, as a new model for a drastic transformation. Along with the yellow background, which is the main color of KB Securities, Akmu members ride the rhythm to the music, naturally connecting the change of the brand nickname from KB to Kkebi. This is the birth of KB's new sidekick. 

As Kaby changed to Kaebi, the name became easier and more familiar, signaling that investing could be easier. In particular, it implied that KB could become a kkaebi and make an investment return and investment method like a goblin bat. 

'Bukkake marketing' may be a keyword in this era that can change corporate identity and management strategy beyond marketing. Companies should maintain the 'philosophy' and strong 'substance' of the brand's original character, but actively consider the change to the 'sub-character' that the target expects. But in the end, what matters is how much a company empathizes with its customers and whether they have sincerity in their eyes. 

Source : Kim Ji-yeon, MKR News (June 30) 

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