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Do You Know Your Blood Type? You Must Know Yours In Korea

Do You Know Your Blood Type? You Must Know Yours In Korea

When getting to know someone, it is more common to ask about age and height. But in South Korea, aside from being asked about your height, your sign, and your age (to determine how you would be addressed -  either formal or informal), there is a chance that at one point or another, you will be asked ‘’what is your blood type’’. Although not scientifically proven, Koreans believe that each blood type has its own unique predictive personality and temperament, similar to horoscopes in the West. 

 The concept has controversial (to say the least) origins when different notions of dividing populations by blood type in Germany in the early 20th Century. In the 1910s and 1920s research was done to prove racial superiority by examining blood type distribution. This idea was later adopted by the Japanese scholar Takeji Furukawa, who wrote a paper proposing a link between blood type and personality and also to explain perceived racial traits in 1927. His theory became more popular through a series of books published by Masahiko Nomi, who had no medical background.  

The blood type personality idea became more mainstream in Korea around 2004 when many pop songs, films, and TV programs exploring the theory shot to popularity, especially with the release of the 2005 romantic comedy ‘My Boyfriend is Type B’, where a type-A woman and a type-B man are incompatible as a couple due to their blood-defined personalities.  

Today, the only reason Koreans still ask each other’s blood type is to check personality, temperament, and compatibility before jumping into any relationship be it romantic or platonic. There are blood types: A, B, AB, and O. Let’s take a dive and see what the personalities of these blood types are according to the Korean blood type personality chart. 

 BLOOD TYPE A (A-Hyeong/) 

According to the Korean chart, people with blood type A are known to be diplomatic and friendly, however due to their sensitive nature they may prefer to be alone rather than be involved in groups as they may feel uncomfortable in crowded areas or parties. 

Likewise, they are delicate-hearted and may be prone to hurt feelings so along these lines it requires some investment for them to open up to individuals. Others may take this negatively and interpret them as snobs because people with blood type A are good at suppressing their feelings and do not express themselves much in comparison with other types of blood such as blood type B or O 

Blood Type Compatibility for A 

  • The best blood type compatibility is O, followed by A. 
  • The worst blood type compatibility is B. 

Famous celebrities with blood type A 

  • BTS Members J-Hope, RM, Jimin, Jungkook 
  • SHINee Member Choi Min Ho 
  • Actor Lee Min Ho 

BLOOD TYPE B (B-Hyeong/) 

People with blood type B are the most extroverted compared to other types of blood. They are autonomous and enthusiastic, especially when dealing with someone / something that fascinates them. These types do not hesitate to express their true thoughts, thereafter they are often seen as narcissistic on the grounds that they are may be seen as talking too much and perhaps missing non-verbal clues. They are also curious, honest and appreciate attention, so people of blood group B can make friends easily, like a social butterfly! Surprisingly, in Korea, men with type B blood are known to be playboys and are not suitable for a stable and committed relationship. However, this argument is unproven! 

Blood Type Compatibility for B 

  • The best blood type compatibility is AB, followed by O. 
  • The worst blood type compatibility is A. 

Famous celebrities with blood type B 

  • Actor Hyun Bin
  • SNSD Member Yoona 
  • Actor Lee Dong Wook 
  • Singer Lee Seung Gi 


Compared to the others, they are the most fascinating sort, since this sort of blood is nicknamed either “genius” or “psycho”. They are seen to be capricious on the grounds that they regularly bounce around starting with one action then onto the next.  As their disposition is a blend of blood type A and B, their personalities change rapidly depending on their mood and situation, and they sometimes have no control over it. Likewise, type ABs are logical thinkers, and when they consider certain circumstances irrational, they cannot bear it. As a consequence, they may have a few challenges communicating with individuals, giving others an inappropriate impression of being moody or two-faced. 

Blood Type Compatibility for AB 

  • The best blood type compatibility is AB, followed by B. 
  • The worst blood type compatibility is O. 

Famous celebrities with blood type AB 

  • BTS V 
  • Actor Kim Soo Hyun 
  • Singer Park Bom 
  • Singer BoA 
  • Super Junior’s Kim Heechul 

BLOOD TYPE O (O-Hyeong/) 

They are known to be full of energy, practical, and friendly. Blood type O is also labeled a natural leader. They are specialists at communicating their opinions constructively, ensuring that everyone listens to them while staying friendly to all. They realize how to control their feelings quite well, giving us a significant impression of being calm and under control. Research in Korea suggests that blood type O is the most preferred blood type by CEOs, recruiters, and coworkers due to their leadership traits. And this has become a huge stereotype in Korea even today. Though blood type O’s may have a reputation for being powerful on the outside, they are very introspective on the inside. People with type O blood have some problems voicing their feelings because of a fear of rejection and they often seem to tire themselves out trying to get things done perfectly. 

Blood Type Compatibility for O 

  • The best blood type compatibility is A, followed by B. 
  • The worst blood type compatibility is AB. 

Famous celebrities with blood type O 

  • BTS Members Jin, Suga 
  • Actor Kim Won Bin 
  • EXO Members Baekhyun and Sehun
  • BlackPink Member Lisa 

The theory, although clearly based on pseudoscience, is still commonly referred to and has worked its way into romance, the workplace, and various social settings. The theory of blood type personality has persisted in Korea.  

But why?  

There is no straightforward answer to that. Yet one theory is that, according to local culture analyst Lee Taek-Gwang, the notion bodes well with a culture of "self-development," created by the competitive nature of Korean society. "People are interested in knowing their strengths and weaknesses so they can be effective in life, whether on the job or in a romantic relationship. And the personality theory of the blood type steps into the picture as a quick, straightforward way of judging yourself and others, even though it should not be taken seriously." Lee Taek-Gwang said. 

Which features of these types of blood did you find interesting? Most importantly, which type of blood best suits you? 

Source: Naana Essilfie-Quaye from Talk Talk Korea (July 21, 2020) 

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