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Would You Leave Your Laptop Unattended?

Would You Leave Your Laptop Unattended?
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If you have ever needed the bathroom while using a laptop in a café, you’ll likely be faced with a familiar problem.

Do you go through the effort of packing up your valuables and taking them with you, or do you go for the quick option and leave them out, putting them at risk of being stolen?  If you are doing this in South Korea, the chances are good your stuff will still be there when you return!

Many visitors to Korea are now posting videos on YouTube of their own “social experiments” – leaving stuff unattended and watching what happens.  These videos only serve to reinforce the impression of Korea as a safe place. 

One individual, wanting to show how safe Korea is, leaves his bag unattended in a café. Upon returning to the café ten minutes later, his bag (and all its contents) are still exactly where he left them. Well, those living (or visiting) in Korea will be pleased to see the results of this experiment!

Or perhaps it seems Koreans are more greedy for places with good views and scenery than other people's belongings in cafes!

 Source: Jeju Weekly

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