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Create Webtoons with No Illustration Experience 

Create Webtoons with No Illustration Experience  - Inbebo

K-Dramas, such as world-renowned ‘Squid Game,’ ‘True Beauty,’ and ‘Business Proposal’ have garnered millions of fans worldwide, creating a global phenomenon and increasing appeal for Korean content. But what many do not know is that these popular shows were developed from web-based novels or webcomics, created by highly skilled, experienced writers and artists who spend months creating a single chapter. 

Toonit,a Korean startup launched in 2021, wants to change that. Toonit has developed a platform where users can easily create their original webcomic content without having any drawing or illustration skills. 

“We aim to break down any barriers and create a world where anyone with a story can easily make and share quality webcomics through Toonit. Our three-step, pose-snap-drag and drop process allows creators to choose various 3D assets from characters, backgrounds, and objects, then add text. Most importantly, they will have fun doing it!” says Jungdae Kim, the CEO of Toonit. 

Toonit released its closed beta platform in March 2022 and has users from over 22 countries. Many of the first to test out the platform will create their webcomic and join the Original Webcomics Challenge. Through this challenge, creators will publish their webcomic and receive votes, and the top ten will win prizes valued at $10,000. 

Source: Korea Tech Desk (April 7, 2022)


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