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CCTV and AI Team up for Public Safety

CCTV and AI Team up for Public Safety

There is a company that has taken on the challenge of addressing a wide array of risks to buildings and especially people.  These include violent or dangerous acts in apartment complexes, fatal accidents at construction sites, child abuse at daycare centers and school violence at schools to name a few.  

It is E2ON, an artificial intelligence (AI) company that detects problems such as assault, theft, intrusion, and child abuse or human accidents in real-time video transmitted from a closed-circuit television (CCTV) with an “abnormal behavior” analysis system.  

E2ON started its service in 2001 by developing its own solution to analyze customer data. Currently, it mainly deals with big data and AI platforms, and especially provides services specialized in social safety net solutions.  

For example, the AI ​​abnormal behavior analysis system detects potentially dangerous situations at construction sites and factories.  For example, people not wearing hard hats and safety gear or simply falling down on site.   It can pick up other things such as assault and intrusion, identification of dangerous areas or, say, fires.  It can detect abnormal activity or behavior and alert the proper authorities like the fire department or police.   With today’s technology, it takes considerable time, money, and manpower to search through videos and recordings of such incidents but E2ON dramatically reduces this.  

In particular, E2ON has strengths in collaboration with local governments and public institutions to improve public safety services. It has assisted with the development of an online drug information tracking system, established with the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, and created an accident spot prediction service with the Korea Coast Guard. Recently, in cooperation with local governments such as Jeju Island, it is introducing an AI-based personal safety protection service that can help mitigate crimes targeting the socially disadvantaged such as children, women, and the elderly. 

Source:  Hankyung BUSINESS, Jeong Chae-hee, 3/25/2022 

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