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Brands Getting Down with Gen Z

Brands Getting Down with Gen Z

The Binggrae Banana Flavored Milk brand started full-fledged communication with Generation Z by converting its main SNS channel into a YouTube channel called 'Hello Danji' in 2019. It was recognized as a 'flea (playlist) restaurant' by Generation Z for 'a collection of great songs to listen to while drinking banana flavored milk after a shower', and was recently selected for the '2021 YouTube Works Awards'* with a music video campaign, which recognizes the most innovative and effective campaigns on YouTube every year.

bingrae banana milk

 On the 'Hello Danji' channel, you can often see brands and subscribers sharing sympathy and concerns with each other. In particular, I was impressed with how the person in charge showed the process of reading 1,851 comments and communicating when choosing a nickname for subscribers.

Banana Flavored Milk has become more familiar to Generation Z through collaboration with illustrators they love. Through a collaboration with the author of 'Best Sim', who is always highly ranked for popular emoticons in their teens and 20s. They are called 'self-esteem protectors' of Generation Z due to their simple graphics and inspirational messaging.

This music video, which has surpassed 1.2 million views, contains a message to contact a distant friend. While presenting a collaboration emoticon of banana flavored milk and writer Choi Shim. It was a campaign with strong emotional pull that gave lonely Gen Zers the courage and excuses to contact their friends.​

bannana milk graphic

 The campaign drew more than 2,000 inspiring comments from customers who resonated with the campaign's message. In addition, at the end of 2020, Binggrae Banana Flavored Milk conducted a 'Witchcraft Complex Campaign' through collaboration with the Z generation icon and singer BiBi. When you call the phone number written on the product and make a wish, Vivi responds.  Binggrae gathered the voices of customers to make a music video, and the video garnered over 5.3 million views and over 7,500 comments, becoming a hot topic among its Generation Z fans.​ 

Some of the comments include: 

It's a fixed comment, but it seems like a wish will come true if you hear a pleasant word when you call. It was good because it was such a moving campaign.” (Ahn Jung-eun)

“When I see Binggrae Banana Flavored Milk, I think of 'fun' more than 'I'm good'. There are many brands that are good at it, but there are only a few that are fun, right? I think of it as a brand that develops fun campaigns with customers.” (Kim Yun-jae)

Binggrae Banana Flavored Milk has developed a real relationship with its customers who were able to perceive the brand as a friend to communicate with, not as an object of consumption.

​​Creating a Community in the Chaos of Covid 19

Another brand that has truly connected to its customers Gen Z customer base is Mot – a stationary brand that sells study planners and notebooks.  They have become a playground for 300,000 Korean Gen Z’ers

These days, many things have changed due to the corona virus.  It is said that many middle, high school, and college students spend more days out of the classroom than in it.  The challenges of this pandemic have led to a new culture of studying together online. They keep motivated with hashtags such as '#Gongstagram' and '#StudyWitMe'.  At the heart of this culture is a brand called 'Mott'.

'Mot' is a stationery brand that sells study planners and notebooks. It may seem unfamiliar to office workers, but it is gaining great popularity among students. Mott has over 170,000 Instagram followers and 130,000 YouTube subscribers.

Mot focused on the 'value of being together' and has reached out to the Generation Z population. In particular, rather than focusing on product promotion on the brand's Owned Channel, they focus more on inspirational and fun messages with their audience.  They are trying to strike a balance between hard work and play by keeping things fun.

Mot uses gamification and conducts study challenges such as '#Mottrain'.  The cycle is like this - brands provide rewards to help motivate customers, and customers can support and inspire each other in the space the brand provides. It is designed so that those who study can grow together while using the Mt Study Planner, and feel a sense of belonging to the brand while participating in the challenge.​

Source: The JoongAng

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