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AI Technology Translates Images to Braille in Real Time

AI Technology Translates Images to Braille in Real Time - Inbebo

Real-time tactile graphics display for greater accessibility. 

With only three percent of the world’s accessible texts available in Braille, people living with sight impairments are extremely limited in content to choose. South Korean technology company, Dot, seeks to change this. 

With its new artificial intelligence (AI) powered software, Dot is making more content—including images—available to Braille readers. To do this the company has built a Braille Translation Engine that translates PDFs, text files, web pages, and more in real-time via a tactile display called the Dot Pad. 

The Dot Pad translates online material using 2,400 moveable pins. The pins make images—including mathematical graphs, maps, and social media images—come to life for Braille readers. 

Image Source: Dot

Because there is such a limited amount of Braille material available, the Dot team built and trained its algorithm using translations validated by human experts. Because of this, Dot’s AI translates more accurately due to its ability to contextualize an individual letter, word, or phrase. 

Already in action, Dot can be found in education spaces, expanding the ability of organizations to make their communications and public spaces more accessible to all.  

From websites and customer care contacts to way finding, the Dot Pad helps Braille readers engage more fully with the world around them on their own terms and independently.

The translation engine is currently compatible with iOS, and developers are working to expand the engine’s general accessibility via other brands.  

Source: Springwise Technology

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