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Ex-Samsung Researcher Creates Breathing Device

Ex-Samsung Researcher Creates Breathing Device - Inbebo

The main evidence of being alive is 'breathing'. However, lungs are known as 'silent organs' as they do not show symptoms even if you have developed a respiratory disease. Therefore, you should take good care of your lung health to detect the disease at its early stage of progression.

BREATHINGS, a digital healthcare Start-up developed a lung health management device 'BULO'. It assists 4 measurements including, lung capacity, respiratory muscle strength, lung endurance, and lung age. When the device is connected to the corresponding application, the users receive recommendations for breathing methods/exercises.

BULO device is available at Inbebo.com 

We had an interview with Inpyo Lee, the CEO of BREATHINGS to ask about the backstory of jumping into the digital healthcare industry.

Q. What made you so passionate about this?

"My mom passed away from lung cancer in 2016. At the time of the year, I was working for Samsung Electronics. That was when I realized lungs are vulnerable organs. Respiratory diseases may not show any symptoms, which means that you can be easily unaware of the disease unless you are informed.

This is how I felt the need for a device that would allow you to manage the respiratory system at home. While having this thought, I had an opportunity to participate in Hackathon, a company event held at Samsung. During the event, I met Drs from Samsung Seoul Hospital and an engineer from Samsung Medicine who was in charge of developing medical devices.

Both of them also had an idea for a home-use respiratory management device. After 4 months, we could get funds to focus on our case studies and App development via Samsung In-house venture program, C-lab."

Q. How does BULO work?

"Based on one's health status including lung capacity and breathing volume,  BULO predicts respiratory muscle strength, lung endurance, and lung age. It involves the breathing guidelines to strengthen one's respiratory muscles by kindly letting the users breathe for a displayed amount of time on the App."

BULO was recognized with the CES innovation awards in 2021, the biggest Electronics•IT exhibition. Sequentially, it also won the Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication Award from World IT shows and the innovation award from the Korea Electronics Show in 2021. Now is the time for you to try BULO to measure lung health at home effectively for yourself and your loved ones.

Source: 24-7 Press Release

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