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You Can See Clearly Now the Fog is Gone

You Can See Clearly Now the Fog is Gone - Inbebo

Innovation is a process that is generally non-linear and, I would say, often counterintuitive. 

That’s what I was thinking when researching this new microfiber which prevents fog on lenses.  We call it “OLO”. 

“Fog” is just microdroplets of water which condense on a surface.  It condenses and then you cant see a thing.  You’re outside wearing your glasses and a mask, or on the slopes with ski goggles, out riding your motorcycle and wham, you exhale, and you cannot see.  It is more than just a pain, it can be dangerous. 

The technology of this microfiber is described as “super hydrophilic”.  “Super”, well I know what that one means.  “Hydrophilic”…hmmm.  I had to look that one up.  Yes, it’s rooted in Greek.  Hydro = water…philic = denoting an affinity for or inclination towards a specified thing.  Phobic is afraid, it repels.  Philic embraces.  Hydrophilic does not repel water, it essentially accepts it as it is.  So, how does something that is hydrophilic prevent fog formation?  Perhaps the most basic way to describe this is that it brings the droplets closer, it flattens them out like a big bear hug and mitigates the ocular disruption caused by lens fog.  Take a look at the diagram below.  



So, this thing that prevents lens fog doesn’t repel water droplets, it just makes them behave.  That’s counterintuitive and pretty darn cool.  I have been looking for this ever since I put on my motorcycle helmet in the 1980’s.  

OLO – Check it out! 

 by Brian H.

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