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Hat’s off to Bob the Masonry Tie

Hat’s off to Bob the Masonry Tie - Inbebo

This is a thank you to all the inventors out there. 

Recently, a burgeoning inventor approached me with a technology which monitors electrical load activity in an electrical circuit.  It’s part safety part energy monitoring device and is a clever – even important – concept.  This individual has designed this device, patented it, built a working prototype and is ready to start selling.   I asked about product certifications, regulatory reviews competitive analytics, and his “go to market” strategy.  There was a long pause followed by a sigh, followed by a longer pause.  I felt bad.  This guy has gone out of his way to create something new and beneficial.  And then, wham! Here comes Dr. Buzzkill with all this talk about “how are you going to make this work from a business standpoint?”  Blah. Blah. Blah.  It is just hard work.   

I know a little something about this.  In my 20’s, I invented a non-corrisible masonry tie for brick veneer construction.  I did everything right except for developing a business plan.  That is another way of saying I didn’t do everything right.  I was in way over my head and, at the time, lacked the wherewithal and the resources to take it to the finish line.  I did, however, name the invention “Bob”.   That’s what my wife and I call inanimate things we lack a name for which I know is silly. 

So, there Bob sits in the great hall of unrealized inventions and stands as a testimony to the incredible hard work and perseverance of the inventor who conceives of an idea and gets it into the market.   My hat is off to all of the inventors who are working to solve problems large and small.   

Thank you inventors!      

by Brian H.

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