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The super-happy eco-friendly kitchen scrubber. A sponge that smiles back! Clingy. Your sinks dirty secret? Sponges are filthy! Soaking in sink water and collecting debris at the bottom of the drain—traditional sponges can be hubs of germs and dirt. Yikes! But then came Clingy. Clingy is the eco-friendly kitchen scrubber with a polyurethane structure that sticks to kitchen surfaces and creates a rich soap foam with a small amount of soap! No wonder Clingy is all smiles! Clingy is better for your health, your wallet, and our planet. What makes Clingy hygienically engineered is its ability to hang up vertically--drying quickly and taking up less space by hugging your kitchen backsplash, tile, or any other surface. Specifically designed for home-cooks and home-makers who prefer neat and clean kitchens in style. Added bonus? Clingy is soft on all your favorite cook and dishware—never scratching containers, glass, porcelain, or ceramic materials.
• Can stick to over 6 kitchen-surfaces (ceramic, tile, glass, concrete, metal, wood, plaster)
• Comes in 4 fun colors (yellow, white, pink, blue) Dries in under 5 minutes
• Can fully lather with a nickel-sized drop of soap (also works great with eco-friendly bar soaps!)
• Safe materials with no harmful chemicals or unsafe adhesives
• Eco-Friendly Sponge
• Use-Guide



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